5 Apps To Secure Your Android Phone

secure your android phoneHackers are surely some of the most endangering species always running after others’ financial & personal information. As browsing activities are not just restricted to desktop & laptops today, the unethical hackers have stretched their dirty fingers to the smartphones as well. Your Android smartphone is surely one of the most treasured assets of your life housing various significant data that you never wish to be disclosed in public. Thus need to be very carful about their protection from the unethical hackers. Besides, what if the phone gets stolen? There are various security apps to shield your Android phone against hacking invasions, viruses & other potential dangers.

1. Lookout

It’s a free of cost antivirus & anti-spyware application meant for the Android smartphones. It would also work to safeguard your device in case it’s stolen or lost. You would be allowed to ensure a good backup for the phone’s contact data & you would be able to locate the phone through GPS facility. Lookout permits the user to wipe out the phone remotely & arrange backup for the call history & photos.

2. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is another very useful app to assure a strong security for your Android smartphone. The app promises 100% detection rate & its minimalist sleek design guarantees a compatible fit with your slim Android smart-piece. One of the best features of the Avira app is the great range of anti-theft aides that enable you to locate the phone remotely, wipe it, lock it & trigger alarm. Besides, the Avira app has received huge accolades given its email-account hacking notification tool. Not only it will inform you about the hacking invasion but would also advice you on the further steps to be taken. Moreover the app even permits the users to block nuisance spam or problem callers.

3. Find My iPhone

The small size & massive value of iPhone makes it vulnerable to physical theft. The Find My iPhone app is one highly recommended Android phone security application that is able to track down the location of your smart device in case it gets stolen or lost. The application will also allow you to wipe or lock the phone remotely as well as play audio in full volume consistently for 2 minutes.

4. LastPass

A powerful password is one of the basic defense aides against hacking attacks on your Android smartphone. The best passwords usually embody random unique numbers characters and letters which make them really tough to memorize. The level of difficulty is obviously tougher in case of longer passwords. Now, of course it’s not possible for you to remember the unique elongated passwords for your different accounts and this is where you will find LastPass the most useful. The app is designed to store passwords for all your accounts & you would just need to remember the LastPass password.

5. Android Device Manager

This application is designed to track down lost Android smartphone with the help of GPS functionality. The app also enables one to lock the Android device remotely.

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