5 Facts About Latest Android One

Android OneThe name suggests that it is a version of the Android but it is not. It is more of a program and a project. It is an innovation from Google to offer smartphones which are better than the previous android ones. It has been launched with the prime motive to solve the performance of the android version phones. The smartphones will not cost a hole in your pocket. Some facts that need to be known about latest Android One are:-

• A new experience of Android One – the makers of handset users will mark standards on hardware and software components which are minimum. The option of controlling the components is similar to Apple.

• Handsets which have the version of Android One – Spice, Karbonn and Micromax are the initial sellers of the product. The aim is to sell the products so that it can reach a lot of consumers. Maximum people in India use smartphones so it has become imperative to sell products to as many people. A wide base is also expected from India.

• Pricing factor – the smartphones are going to be priced under 6000 so that it becomes an effective earner for all income groups.

• Features – the important components to consider are camera of 5 megapixels, RAM of 1 GB, screen inch of 4.5, processor which are quad core, 4.4.4 quad core processor of Kitkat, battery of 1700 maH and card slot of SD and dual sim.

• Development which is latest – It is felt that makers of the three handset will tie up with Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart. The response is going to be first by the consumers and then will make its route.

For support the language of Hindi will support the command of voice, message typing and other applications of mobile. There is no need of download of language required because it is already given in the smartphones. Graphic is also provided by Google. The strictness of Google has been so far so good by the consumers. Standard versions of the Android phone are already seen and Android One is something exclusive. There are features which are specified Made for India. As far as the components are concerned the verdict is good. The functions and looks will not be able to be changed by the consumers.

The customization seems to be good so far. The good thing that has to be seen is that how far is the execution. Like the devices of Nexus, OS update will also be given on the Google phones. Qualcomm and Media Tek are the processors of Android One phone. Online websites of retail will have the phones from where you can make your purchase. Gradually it will appear in the mortar stores. The design is controlled by Google and wants to reach tier 2 and three. It is crisp and superior than the earlier version of Android that is simply because anything which is launched new is going to be good and bright effectively.

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