An Introduction To Wireless Charging

Introduiction to Wireless charging

Wireless charging introduction

What is wireless charging?

You might have probably guessed from the name as to what will be wireless charging all about. It is basically a wireless way to charge any of your electronic devices like smartphones without having a need to plug a cable to it. Wireless charging generally comes into two distinct flavors; it can be either built into the actual phone just like it is there in the Samsung galaxy S6 or it can also be added to the existing device through a wireless charging case like wireless charging S-view case which is there in galaxy S5. This last option will enable you to add wireless charging to those devices which didn’t ship with the technology. Yes of course it also adds too much money for doing that. There is also an option in between which is optional battery cover which has Qi built in which is there in LG G3.

How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging makes use of magnets which is popularly very much mysterious to ICP and also their juggalo friends.  For the rest of the people, it is very much straight forward that wireless charging uses electromagnetic field in one of the devices for inducing an electric current in metal coil in another device. This current powers up the battery and as the electricity is created inside this device which is being charged, there are no issue of safety or any exciting sparks to look for or frighten your pets with.

What’s the point of wireless charging?

Going for wireless charging is very much handy. Have you ever suffered from busted charging cable where the cable generally frays due to overuse? If yes then you will definitely appreciate the long duration which you will have from getting a static charger pad instead of pulling the cables in and out on regular basis. But of course this is not the only reason to use wires charging. If you are having a phone which water and dust resistant, all the important charging points can be annoying and fiddly. Using wireless charging will save you from the need of touching them all. The most common wireless charging is available in all types of public places. One of the major benefits if using wireless charging is that it is a universal standard for charging. That means you can use a set of charger for bunch of devices like smart watch, smart phone, tablet and such things. This will also reduce the need of cables and international adapter for power which we make and discard. If we use wireless for the devices which currently uses disposable batteries, we can also reduce environmental impact. In future years, we might also have wireless charging pads for electric cars.

Disadvantages of wireless charging

Like any other technology, wireless charging also has disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages of wireless charging is that they are slow and less energy efficient as compared to that of traditional chargers. They are also less energy efficient and wastes more energy in the form of heat.