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laptop maintenance tips

Five Laptop Maintenance Ideas That Can Save You The Day

You laptop is certainly one of your best aides in the contemporary digital world where almost all the actions are carried out by the gadgets. Be it the business files…

Android One

5 Facts About Latest Android One

The name suggests that it is a version of the Android but it is not. It is more of a program and a project. It is an innovation from Google…

secure your android phone

5 Apps To Secure Your Android Phone

Hackers are surely some of the most endangering species always running after others’ financial & personal information. As browsing activities are not just restricted to desktop & laptops today, the…

laptop battery

How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Laptop?

There are few things that every laptop owner should know about is increasing the battery life of the laptop. • Screen backlight- High screen brightness in your laptop consumes a…

camera lens

Types of camera lens

One of the most vital parts of a camera is the lens. They are the ones that help to define the image which the photographer wants to portray. Camera lens…

USB Drive

How to Safeguard Your USB Drive?

Storing and transferring electronic data has become very convenient for users ever since the USB drive come into existence. If you are a regular computer user then you must be…

Nokia Lumia 1020

Review of Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia phones have become a rage among the gadget lovers these days. Nokia Lumia 1020 belongs to the Lumia series and has been recently launched by Nokia. The Lumia…


Making sense of the Megapixel

Megapixel is the most used term when it comes to camera or picture quality. But what does the term “Megapixel” exactly imply? Well, before delving into the notion of Megapixel…

function of a photocopier

Different useful function of a photocopier

Different useful functions of a photocopier happen to be a crucial concern for you. Let us have a close probe into the functionalities and benefits to be procured from it….

Website Internet Marketing

How to Earn Through Website Internet Marketing??

Website internet marketing means promotion and advertisement of strategies and efforts of various products and service on the web pages. This allows getting information about different kinds of products by…

Android apps

Some cool Android apps assuring great entertainment for free

Android has got a wealth of great apps under its bonnet of which the most popular are the entertainment apps. The best bit is that these apps are available completely…

Importance of iPad

Importance of iPad For A Businessman

iPad is considered to be the most revolutionary innovation of the company called Apple Inc. This gadget performs functions which are quite similar to the functions performed by iPod touch…

Mac’s speed

Tips to increase your Mac’s speed

Macbook is a very popular machine from a reputable company like apple. But even after using Mac, you really feel frustrated when you experience poor performance rate. Well you don’t…

Wi-Fi connection

Various advantages of a Wi-Fi connection

Technology has made huge development in the recent time. Computer and internet are very important in our daily life. Under such circumstances people are looking for faster rate of communication….

Android and iOS, mobile OS

Comparison Between Android and iOS

The tech enthusiasts these days are in a dilemma on which mobile application to pick up- Android app or iOS app. Well, the post here is all about to lay…

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