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Website Internet Marketing

How to Earn Through Website Internet Marketing??

Website internet marketing means promotion and advertisement of strategies and efforts of various products and service on the web pages. This allows getting information about different kinds of products by…

Wi-Fi connection

Various advantages of a Wi-Fi connection

Technology has made huge development in the recent time. Computer and internet are very important in our daily life. Under such circumstances people are looking for faster rate of communication….

WAP, internet

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol

Wireless application protocol, also popular known as WAP, is a kind of protocol that allows you to surf the World Wide Web, aka Internet, via your mobile phone or any…

photo editting

Top photo editing tools for you

Photo editing nowadays has gained a lot of popularity. Any picture you click needs to be edited before you can upload and share it with your friends on social media….

Web Application Firewall, Web Application

Introduction To Web Application Firewall

Web application firewall is a protection from unauthorized access on the internet. It filters the http server. It actually covers up all the web applications and prevents unauthorised access. It…

GPS data on Google Map, Google GPS

How to implement GPS data on Google Map

One of the most powerful players of the World Wide Web in the recent time is Google. It has left a huge mark on the internet space. The capability of…

Google video chat, google video

How To Use Webcam In Google Talk

The Google mail is not just about sending and receiving emails. It offers variety of way to stay in touch with your friends, family members. From the basic emailing service…

windows XP, delete windows XP

How To Delete Window XP From Your System

Thought it is an uncommon situation but still there are some computers which do not have the power in them to run the Windows XP system. If the system is…

Internet application, Internet

How to remove Babylon toolbar from your computer screen?

An add-on application of the Internet Explorer is the Babylon Toolbar. This application allows you to type in foreign words in the space provided so as to translate them into…

Pinterest logo, pinterest

A guide to use Pinterest

Pintrest is social interest sharing site and it involves two things: the pins and the board. The visual meaning of pintrest is that is a pinboard. With the Pintrest you…

ups virus, remove ups virus

Ways to remove UPS virus

The UPS virus is one of the worst kinds of virus. It infects not only your system but also the network and creates a mess. When the virus was first…

songs from YouTube, song download

How to download songs from YouTube

One of most leading video sharing website is You tube. There are not only music videos but all kinds of videos which are found on You Tube. However on comparison…

browser's history, history

How to delete browser’s history?

Do you want to make sure that nobody gets to know which sites you were browsing on the internet? Being able to delete browser history becomes very essential when you…

PDF file, compress pdf file

How To Compress A PDF File

Most of us who use the internet often and need to exchange files to friends and associates have faced problems with large PDF files. Problem is faced when a large…

stop adware

How To Stop Adware?

Adware is the virus which displays advertisement on your computer without the internet connection. While installing or downloading a new application on your computer, the adware will download advertisements automatically…

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