Comparison Between Android and iOS

Android and iOS, mobile OSThe tech enthusiasts these days are in a dilemma on which mobile application to pick up- Android app or iOS app. Well, the post here is all about to lay down a comparative study on Android & iOS applications. Read on-


The mobile platform from IOS is by far the most prestigious, popular, portable and polished mobile OS portal through which Apple started off its modern after-PC era. According to the tech gurus, iOS has been engineered with a number of likeable features. The hardware is simply gorgeous & leading edge and most importantly it’s greatly reliable as well. It’s good to inform that iOS has come up with the biggest library of applications and content. Truly, it’s the ideal content consumption system for the end-users who wishes to absorb & not exactly interested in getting into much creation. As per the market reports, the device is especially aimed for the average consumer zone & has been successful in hitting there.

However, the main con of iOS is that it won’t be much compatible for the professional use.


The Android platform offers more flexibility than iOS. In case of Android, the developers are able to code in any types of C variant. The hardware is good but the portal can be little slow at times. When it comes to overall speed, Android is a sure winner over iOS. The market reports reveal that the Android-based devices have got something for any form of goal, budget and desire.

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