Detailed idea about LAN protocol or Local Area Network

LAN protocol, LAN connectionWith the advent of the internet and various other technologies it is now easy to share your important data or files with your colleagues in your office. You may argue that a CD or a flash drive is the main source of data transfer but sometimes even that becomes a very time consuming affair because you have to copy the file and then paste it and go and give that to the person requiring it. With local area network better known as LAN you can now send files to your colleagues by just sitting in your place and clicking a few options. Some of the advantages of LAN are as follows:

  • You may have seen that in a CD there is a maximum of 800MB space. What will happen if you need to transfer data that requires more space than that? This is where LAN comes into play. With LAN you can transfer big files to as many computers you want and that too in no time.
  • Since LAN is basically used in a closed group, for example in an office or an institution you can connect the computers in a wi-fi system also. This is another form of LAN where any user can use the internet connection if he is within the range of the wi-fi. Here also you will be able to send and receive data with the help of the local area network. The only extra thing that you will require to set up the LAN is the network interface card for the PC that will be the source of connection.

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