Factors to consider while purchasing a video projector

video projector, purchase video projectorVideo projectors are significantly functional while elaborating a business or educational presentation to a wider audience. Are you on a plan to buy a video projector this time? Well, there are varied sorts of video projectors available in the market today like CRT, DLP or LCD. The post below highlights on some important factors to keep in mind while shopping for your video projector.


It’s a vital factor here since there are chances of soft and muddy image display without enough range of brightness. Thus the experts always suggest to have a look at ANSI Lumens rate and make sure that your selected projector is no less than ANSI Lumens 1,000 rating.

Contrast ratio

This is another major consideration while buying a video projector and it’s to mention that the contrast ratio actually complements brightness. The high0contrast ration will deliver blacker blacks and whiter whites. A standard contrast ratio would be 1,500:1 at least yet 2,000:1 would be better.

Pixel density

Next is pixel density. In case you are going for HDTV viewing through DLP/LCD projectors, it’s good to check that the projector comes with a pixel count of at least 1920 by 1080.

Needed inputs

You also have to check out on the inputs needed for your video projection. The video projector you are going for should be backed by all the required inputs like S-video and composite for the analog sources, the component inputs essential for DVI, DVD or the HDMI inputs. The high end projectors are even available with VGA-inputs for the computers.

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