Five Laptop Maintenance Ideas That Can Save You The Day

laptop maintenance tipsYou laptop is certainly one of your best aides in the contemporary digital world where almost all the actions are carried out by the gadgets. Be it the business files or your favorite movies or personal notes- you cannot imagine a better trusted friend than the laptop. Thus, it’s of utmost importance to ensure proper maintenance of the gizmo to guarantee a long-lasting friendship with it. Laptop maintenance is no rocket science and there are some simple tips which when carried regularly, would assure great durability and performance.

1. Handle with care

Laptops are fragile and demand a very careful handling. Always move the laptop gently, cover it up while not in use and do not carry in harsh environ like kitchen- it should be kept away from smoke and flames. Remember, the hardware part is really vulnerable and you should not move the machine anywhere while its hard drive is into intensive operations.

2. Regular clean-up

This is one of the most important points when it comes to taking care of your laptop. You should know that laptops act as dirt magnets and dirt is dangerous for any gadget. Thus, you have to maintain a regular clean-up schedule for your entire laptop- at least twice in a week. Don’t eat, smoke or drink near your laptop. If there is a spill, wipe it out immediately. A regular cleaning program prevents the machine from getting overheated- a cool hardware is one of the main maxims of a long-lasting laptop.

3. Clear the hard drive

Your hard drive needs regular internal cleanup, at least once in a month. The hard drive tends to accumulate volumes of unnecessary data which slows down the machine. Thus, once in a month, you should scan the entire hard drive to pick out the unnecessary file, downloads and useless programs that are not needed any more. Cleaner the hard drive, smoother will be your laptop performance.

4. Run regular OS & software updates

You have to keep your laptop updated to ensure a smooth function. No program or operating system is 100 percent perfect yet with each upgrade, new features get added & issues are patched. Thus, you should always equip your machine with upgraded systems to ensure an advanced service. Among the software updates, one of the most vital is latest anti-virus software upgradation to keep the laptop security issues at bay.

5. Take care of the battery

The laptop battery is one of the most vital aspects of the machine and your behavior with it can either break or make the machine run longer. Hence you need to be very careful about the handling of your laptop battery. Do not leave the laptop plugged into the mains when the battery gets fully charged – you should not over charge the machine as it will only hamper its longevity. Then, too much of screen brightness also eats away battery power. So, try to maintain a dim brightness to ensure a better battery life. Besides, you must calibrate the laptop battery after every 2-3 months. Calibration involves draining of the battery till your machines snoozes to sleep & then recharging the battery to 100 percent.

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