Google Apps Most Likely To Get You Fired

Google Apps, GoogleThere are many applications on Google and android systems available these days. But if you are in the office, you should be careful about what you download. There are some boundaries and restrictions when it comes to downloading and song applications from Google and Android. There are certain applications on Google which if you download or use in your office, and someone finds out, then you could be fired.

The first application which is banned is called The Weed Farmer. Taking inspiration from several online farming games, this too is a virtual farming game. Here you can virtually plant weed in your local home area or roof and even interact with other weed growers there. This is a banned game. It has been taken as an insulting and demeaning game about illegal drugs. Kage games have a game called Dog Fighting. This is a bloody and illegal activity even in real life and this is not allowed as an app to be used in offices too. An application called Serial Killer Quote of the Day. This is said to be an effect of the drama crime series called Dexter.

Some dating and sex chatting apps are also banned. For example MiuMeet Flirt and Pocket Girlfriend and GayDating online are some of the banned apps. One of the most controversial apps is the Wank-o-meter. This is a perverted and personal usage based app which should never be used in the office, needless to say. And SMB is banned in the office for security reasons. The Backtrack 5linux Installer is also banned as it is used exclusively for hacking purposes. LinkedIn is also banned in the office because personal data, information and other details which might be exposed in front of people who are not supposed to access it.

So keep in mind, if you have any of these apps in your mobile or computer, get rid of them now.

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