How to download movies using Torrent

torrent, movie downloadHaving an internet connection is very common these days and if the speed of the internet connection is good then you can use it for various purposes. If you are into watching different kinds of movies then you must use the internet to download movies. Now downloading movies from the internet is a very easy task.

Steps to download movies using Torrent

There are two types of torrent which you can use in your computer to download movies. They are as follows:

  1. Bittorrent
  2. uTorrent

Now you will have to follow the given steps below:

ü  First you will have to install either of the above two in your computer. In order to install Bittorrent you can go to where you can download the .exe file and install with the easy install mode. For installing uTorrent you will have to go to and perform the same steps for installation.

ü  Once you install it half your work will be done. You can run a preview of a file download by selecting from the option while the torrent is getting installed.

ü  After the installation process you will be able to download movies easily. You can either go to where you can type in the name of the movie you want to download and you will get the name of different sites where you can either download the magnet file to download the movie or directly download the movie by clicking on the horse shoe shaped figure.

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