How To Increase Battery Life Of Your Laptop?

laptop batteryThere are few things that every laptop owner should know about is increasing the battery life of the laptop.

• Screen backlight- High screen brightness in your laptop consumes a lot of battery power. Lower your screen brightness in order to save the battery life to a greater extent. Place your backlighting in such a way that it lowers down automatically when you turn off tour laptop.

• Stop scheduled task- The automatic updates and the virus scanner runs on a regular schedule. Detach these from automatic so that you have to turn them manually. Run them only when your laptop is plugged into a hole .This will save the life of your battery and will help to increase the battery life of laptop.

• Unplug USB devices and disc- Unplug your USB devices and discs as they consume a lot of battery. The battery of the laptop automatically connects with the USB device when you have something plugged in your USB drive. The same case happens with the cd drive, as they are not being used, they still are consuming battery.

• Turn off all messaging apps- Turn off your messaging apps and skype by doing this you will be able to save the life of the battery and this will result in extension of the battery life of your laptop.

• Turn off your volume- If you do not want using your volume simply turn it of or mute it. Even the lower volume eats the battery. So if not necessary turn it off.

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