How to transfer videos from Smartphone to computer?

Smartphone to computer video transfer, video transferHow many times have we downloaded a video from the internet while surfing using our Smartphones and clicked away innumerable pictures for the sake of memories? While downloading and sharing videos and pictures among Smartphones is easy (all you need is the Bluetooth to be on), many get confused as how to transfer them from the Smartphone to the computer. You cannot go on sharing and downloading video without moving them to the computer or changing your memory card to make space for new ones so therefore whether you like it or not, you have to transfer them to your computer.

Here are few tips that can help you transfer your favorite videos without having to pull your hair out:

  • All Smartphones come with USB cable or you must be having one that works with all phones. Connect this USB sync cable to your Smartphone and connect it with the computer. Once connected, the notification area on your phone will show the USB icon.
  • Tap this notification bar on your phone and drag it down and tap it. Tap USB connected next and then tap Mount.
  • The Micro-SD card of your Smartphone will be listed as a removable disk in My Computer. All you have to do is click Start and then go to My Computer.
  • All you have to do now is select the right options. Click on the removable disk and you will folder named DCIM. Click DCIM and then click on Camera.
  • Next transfer all the videos taken from your camera.

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