Making sense of the Megapixel

MegapixelMegapixel is the most used term when it comes to camera or picture quality. But what does the term “Megapixel” exactly imply? Well, before delving into the notion of Megapixel you have to fathom its parent term “pixel”. Pixel is a blend of Picture (commonly called ‘pix’) and Element. The pixels have a numerical value of 0-255 and each one of them is made up of 3 color channels.

Megapixel refers one million pixels & is generally used to indicate resolution of camera or a photo. Let’s say, a camera can shoot VGA resolution (640 by 480) photos which implies that it’s a 3 Megapixel (MP) camera- 640 by 480 is equal to 307, 200. The most common picture resolutions for the camera phones are 2 MP, 1.3 MP, 3.2 & 5 MP. Some of the advanced smartphones even come with 8 MP camera.
The amateur shutterbugs go for 1 MP devices. The pro cameramen use high-end devices that come up with MPs ranging from 14-22 MP. MP count also determines the print size. For example, a camera with 3MP feature assures great 4 by 6” prints while the 4/5 MP cameras can offer higher level 8 by 10” prints. It’s because the print resolution is always directly proportionate to pixel numbers.

Thus, the MP count is really important when you go out to get a camera. The more the Megapixels, better would be your picture quality. Apart from better picture view, the MP count is also necessary for the editing activities like cropping. At times, you tend to capture some unnecessary things or objects along with your main object of interest. In such cases a cropping is the most significant. When you have a camera device with more MP, you are getting more room to work up on the cropping part conveniently.

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