recycling electronic, recycling electronic products

Corporate recycling of electronics

People are always purchasing new electronic items and the old ones are thrown away. The old and worn-out items are not used by anybody and so they are put in…

riser cables, plenum cables

Difference between Riser and Plenum Cable

During construction of buildings, there are several types of cables used for different places. Two such used cables are plenum cables and riser cables. These have different properties and aid…

hosted applications, benefits of hosted applications

Advantages of Hosted Applications

Applications are basically technical computerized programs which help in different kinds of work. These work or tasks help in different functions and applications or apps are used in computer systems,…

CRM system, Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM System and How It Helps Business?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an important part of any business. Having good relationships with the customer is the most important factor which drives a company to be successful….

SSL wildcards, what is SSL wildcards

Importance of SSL wildcards

The term SSL refers to “Secure Socket Layer” which assures high security to the data transferred from an internet business site. There are different kinds of SSL certificates and Wildcard…

cms, content management system

What is CMS Or Content Management System

Content Management System or CMS cab be defined as the computer program which allows for publishing, editing & modifying content & maintenance from one central interface. The first CMS was…

laptop, laptop reviews

Top 5 Laptop Models Of 2012

Laptops have become a very important part of our lives. They have almost replaced the use of personal computers (if not more) because of their compact nature, vast technical features….

domain seller, get domain name

Top 3 Domain Sellers Of 2012

When you decide to launch your own website for personal requirements or to launch a website for your business, then you would definitely need a private domain name in order…

dedicated server, website server

Top 3 Dedicated Server Providers

If you are in the field of online business marketing, having a dedicated server can be a big lucrative venture for you. With the help of dedicated server, one can…

best gadgets, top gadgets

Top 5 gadgets of 2012

The year 2012 saw the release of a number of outstanding gadgets much to the pleasure of the gizmo freaks around. The article here presents a short brief on the…

top android applications, android applications

Top 5 Android Applications Of 2012

Are you looking for the best android applications of 2012? Well, the post here presents a brief list on the top 5 Android applications of 2012. AppGarden Lite The free…

mobile games, mobile phone games

Top 5 Mobile Games Of 2012

When you get a new mobile phone the first thing you do is see what new games are there in it. And depending on the phone you can install new…

best mobile phone, best phones of 2012

Top 5 mobile phones of 2012

With 2012 coming to an end it is time to see which mobiles phones have got the best reviews from people. The reviews are based on several factors such as…

VGA cable, computer cables

VGA cable explained

When it comes to connecting a PC to the computer monitor the first thing that comes to your mind is a VGA cable. They are also known as HDMI cables….

webcam technolgy

How to Protect Your Webcam Lens from Dust

Webcams have become something very common. You can get it as an extra accessory for your computer or laptop and these days it’s already included as a part of laptops…

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