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search engines, search engines on netWhenever you are searching any information on the internet you enter some keywords in a space on the web. This place where you type in the keywords and you get the related information is known as search engine. They show the results in the form of images, web pages, information or any other type of files. There are some search engines where the information is available in the open directories or as mine data. In web directories you will see that the information is controlled and maintained by human editors. In the real time search engines the same information is run on web crawler or algorithm. The web crawler is better known as the spider and it helps to retrieve information from the site itself.

Best search engines on the internet

Following are some of the best search engines that you will get on the internet and each one of them are very popular:

Google, Bing, Baidu, Blekko, Sogou, Yahoo, Volunia,, Yandex.xom, Yodoa, Yebol, Seeks, Yacy, FAROO, DeeperWeb, Yippy, Dogpile, HotBot, Excite, Kayak, Mamma, Mobissimo, Metacrawler, SideStep,, WebCrawler, Accoons, Goo, Ansearch, Maktoob, Onkosh, Naver, Rediff, Rambler, Walla, Seznam, Sesam, ZipLocal, Yehey, IFACnet, GenieKnows, Nexis,, GlobalSpec, JustDial, Thomasnet, Oracle corporation, Jumper 2.0, TeraText, Funnelback, Yummly, RecipeBridge, Taptu, Taganode Local Search Engine, Craigslist,,,,, Incruit,,,,,, Lexis, Google Scholar, Quicklaw, Manupatra, WestLaw, Bioinformatic Harvester, Entrez, Bing Health, PubGene, Healthline, Healia, Searchmedica, Quertle, WebMD, Daylife, Bing News, Google News,, MagPortal, Comfibook, PeekYou, Spokeo, Spock.

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