Significance Of Digital Signature

signature, digital signatureIn the digital age where every single thing is changing to digital, paper signature has change to become digital signature. Digital signature is doing away with the concept of paper copy. Many businesses are therefore shifting from the acceptance of paper signatures to digital signatures. In the transition of pen on paper to digital signs laws and acts have been passed by the Govt. One such act is Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. The act says that a signature which is signed electronically will not be denied. There are very many significances and benefits of digital signatures:


Electronic signatures can more trustworthy and reliable in comparison to the signs on paper. Once signs get established digitally there is no way by which people can change it.

Integrity maintained

Electronic signs reduce the risk of forgery after documents are sent. It also reduced the documents getting altered after they are sent. If any minute changes are found in the sign the document gets instantly rejected.

Long distance

Businesses are taking place all over the world. Companies may have branches or clients overseas. The digital signature allows businessmen to sign contracts all over the world and send them via emails. This saves time and energy as individuals needed to fly to different parts of the world to sign their deals.

This way the world has become a smaller place. People can sit back and get their deals and agreements accepted.

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