Some cool Android apps assuring great entertainment for free

Android appsAndroid has got a wealth of great apps under its bonnet of which the most popular are the entertainment apps. The best bit is that these apps are available completely free of cost. Are you too looking for some free entertainment this time? Well, below is a short list on some very entertaining Android apps.

To start with, you have the Gigbox. The very Android app is perfect for the concert lovers and would be of great help if you are always in quest of concerts nearby. The app will track your present location and based on that notify you on the live concerts by your favorite performers that are to be organized close-by. You will also get Google Maps offering directions to these venues.

Then, you have the Pandora app. Yes, it’s a late entry to the Android roster but its amazing performance has carved quite a solid niche for itself within a brief span. You just have to inform the app about your favorite artists and it will soon work to create an online radio station automatically, specifically customized as your particular music interests.

You will also love Qik, another great free of cost Android app for entertainment. The app allows you to stream videos from the mobile phones to the entire world. It just takes around 2 minutes to set up & stream your videos. The app carries a great number of basic settings pertaining to titling and privacy. It’s pretty user-friendly & its large streaming button assures a super quick job.

You cannot miss out on Shazm when you are looking for amazing free entertainment apps from Android. The Shazm tracks down information on any song you wish to know- simple point the mobile to the music source & Shazm will notify you on both the artist and the title.

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