Take care of your CPUs

CPU cabinets, CPU protectionThe CPU is one of the major components of the computer and is the heart and the brain of your entire computer system. Buying a computer is not enough as proper care and maintenance needs to be done to make sure that your computer runs safely for many years to come and you can work on it to your heart’s fill. Dusting your computer and keeping it covered when not using is not enough to protect your CPU and therefore you should know how to take care of your CPU to ensure its proper working.

Here are a few ways in which you can take care of your CPU:

  • Do not turn off your PC by pressing the power button on the CPU. Always turn off your computer by following the usual switch off process as it ensure the proper working of your CPU and your computer as a whole. Connect your computer to an inverter to prevent it from sudden shut downs.
  • Do not let your CPU get heated up. Your CPU needs to be constantly cooled and it is because of this reason that fans are provided at the back of the CPU. Make sure that the fans are working fine and give them a periodic cleaning.
  • Always turn off the power plug when you are cleaning.
  • It is necessary to give your CPU a thorough cleaning twice or thrice a year. Open up your CPU and clean it with a soft cloth or cotton swipes. Avoid using any type of detergents.

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