Top 3 Defects Of Android OS

android issues,android hacksThe Android Operation System (OS) is extremely popular with geeks and masses and with every passing day its popularity is increasing. However, sometime back a research was conducted by a software quality firm Coverity and the research revealed that that the Android OS has several defects. In fact, in actuality as many as 359 defects of Android OS was revealed during the study and 25% of those 359 defects (88 defects) were categorized as high risk defects. What do high risk defects of Android OS mean? It basically means that these defects can result in the crashing of a device which runs the operating system or it can cause security breach. However, the research also proved that despite the defects the Android OS was unarguably one of the best operating systems currently available.

One of the leading defects of the Android OS is the App interaction and permissions. Whenever any app “wants” to use the resource of the phone, Android OS allows it. The permission is given by Android OS during the installation of the app and after that there is no facility for the monitoring of the app. For example, there are some apps which need internet access and GPS access and Android OS does not deny permission in such cases. However, apps cannot be installed without that permission and OS cannot deny permission later on.

Second, it doesn’t have a good battery life due to frequent 3g/Wifi usage by the OS and not so good optimization.

Third, there is no universal way of closing the apps and some of these apps remain in the Cache/RAM until the Android device is rebooted. Having said that android remains to be numero uno OS for mobile instruments and apps industry.