Types Of Android Versions

Android versionsFor those who are android users and android lovers, regular updates are nice and sweet treats than the sweet codenames which usually graces various versions. A delayed update for the recent version of the android can make you feel like slow torture and after updating, the newer version feels like geeky joy you receive. As you are an android lover, you would like to have each and every detail about all the versions of the android. By knowing this you can also make a comparison of old versions and the newer ones and which were better. Thus here are some of the android versions.

  • Android lollipop

It was 5.0 android versions. This android version was spread everywhere across the globe on every device from phones to smart watches to TVs. This feature has added much delight to the experience of using android. The new feature which has been added to this version of battery saver is pretty much awesome as it can save your phone from being dead during the time when its battery is running low. This was the last new version and as we all know that the name of the newer versions of android is alphabetical and on the name of some sweet thing. So let’s guess the name of the newer version. Do you think after lollipop, it would be now nutella? Let’s wait and watch for the newer android version to come out.

  • Android kitkat

Before lollipop, there was this kitkat version of android. Abdroid versions have this naming system behind dessert and thus it partnered up with nestle to get the kitkat android version. This android version made less of money and thus it could run on the devices which have lower RAM. s

  • Android 4.1 jellybean

Jelly bean android version was announced in June 2012. It might not be the nice jump in the version number but it does have very important updates to the android. The frame rate of this android version is quite good and thus you can sweep through your menu and your home screen very smoothly. Another feature is that you can quickly view the photos which you have taken just now by swiping from the camera to filmstrip view. Apps and widgets will also easily move out of the way when you will add the new ones. Notification you get is also more detailed now as you will know whether it is photos or subjects lines if it is mails.

  • Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich

Yes of course name of this android version is mouthwatering. This android version was announced in May 2011. There are certain very features which these android versions gave to your phones. This android version avails you with speedier and smoother browser. You are also availed with a data traffic monitor who helps you to avoid busting your network data limit. This android version also avails more storage space for apps. It also avails you with face recognition for unlocking your phone. You can also enjoy live video effects.