Types of camera lens

camera lensOne of the most vital parts of a camera is the lens. They are the ones that help to define the image which the photographer wants to portray. Camera lens can be of many types depending on what photograph you are about to take. The price also differs accordingly. Given below are some of the different types of camera lens and their functions:

• Zoom lens- they are mainly used to focus on objects which are far away for the normal lens to capture. The lens is set mechanically to adjust with the movement of any internal elements. If you have seen through a binocular you will be able to understand how this lens works because they are almost same. These lenses are also known as para focal lens because the focal length can be changed easily. Two of the most well known zoom features which are used in cameras these days are digital zoom and optical zoom.

• Standard lenses- they are generally used in documentaries and street photography. Such lenses respond to quick action and movement. The normal range of focal length in these lenses is from 35 mm to 70 mm.

• Special purpose lens- unlike the above two lenses special purpose lenses do not have any focal length or any special specification. They have different features such as soft focus, stereoscopic, swivel, ultraviolet, infrared and fish eye. They help to capture a better image and also sharpen them when the light is low.

• Macro- this type of lens is used to take close up images such as flowers or any insect. The main concept which works with this lens is the image which is produced on the focal plane is bigger or of the same size as that of the image. The magnification produces a clearer picture of the object after the photo is taken.

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