Virus Removal Tips for your PC

virus removal, anti virusThese days almost everyone has to make use of computers for their daily work and educational purposes. But the most common type of problem which a computer might face is a virus attack. There are several reasons why a computer might face a virus attack and to solve this problem there are some simple things which you can do. Of course sometimes the problem might be serious and you might lose all data. So here are some tips for protecting your computer and to remove the viruses present.

How do computers acquire viruses?

1)      Mostly when some people access the internet for information and browsing purposes, computers attract viruses. The internet can bring in several viruses from different sources.

2)      Also many hackers try to access various systems through complex processes. This can release a virus into the system.

3)      Viruses can also enter a computer through pen drives and external hard disks.

4)      Many email links and links from unknown websites and pop-up windows may lead to virus attacks to the computer.

How to handle virus attacks

You should always use an anti-virus for your computer especially if you use the internet on it. Never open suspicious email links and don’t click on pop-up windows from unknown sources. Do not use any pen drive or external hard disk or even mobile without scanning them first through the anti-virus software. You should fragment your computer’s disks accordingly. Reboot your system. Have a backup programme installed. You could run all your files through the antivirus system as well. If nothing works you should re-program whole of the computer’s system. However, data might be lost in such cases.

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