WAP or Wireless Application Protocol

WAP, internetWireless application protocol, also popular known as WAP, is a kind of protocol that allows you to surf the World Wide Web, aka Internet, via your mobile phone or any kind of wireless device. In other words it is a set of regulations and rules that govern the transmission as well as the reception of information by certain computer based application via or on wireless gadgets such as pagers, mobile phones etc.

A consortium of companies like Motorola, Unwired Planet, Ericsson and Nokia in the year 1997 took up the program of creating a standard through which the advanced services in any wireless device could become a reality. Thus the WAP forum was created and later many other companies were allowed to become the members of the forum when WAP 1.0 specifications were released.

Before the WAP came into the scene, internet was accessible only via the computers. But now due to the presence of WAP, massive communication, data resources and information of the World Wide Web is conveniently available to any person who uses a mobile phone or any wireless communication device.

WAP is a very secure and open technical standard that allows a person to use different applications like games, weather forecasts, enterprise data, stock market details etc. Just as the internet in a computer works through a web browser, the WAP in a cell phone or wireless device works through a micro browser that understands the WML. WML is the short abbreviation of Wireless Mark-up Language which is a special markup language for wireless devices that make use of WAP.

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